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What People Are Saying About Hope

What People Are Saying About Hope

A fierce and sensitive real story, which one connects with on many emotional levels.

This novel resonates with clarity the harsh and yet enlightening discovery of one person’s sense of mortality.Not only is “Hope is My Absolute, My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia” an irresistable experience of Tesluk’s journey with the turning of each page, but her raw honesty effortlessly places the reader in moments of reflective pauses, self knowledge and an acute awareness for one’s own integrity.

This story illustrates the bravery of embracing all of the realities encompassed within life and of being present in as many moments as possible regardless of their intensity. A powerful story of struggle, love and hope that needed to be shared with family, friends and our community as a human race.

Corina John,

Dear Alexandra, I Am Speechless

I am speechless – never before I have read such a touching description of the ordeal patients with your diagnosis have to live through – a true nightmare. To a small, indeed very small extent I had known what it might feel like as I have had the “pleasure” to stand by the side of two friends who went through the same type of treatment. From both of them I have learned the most important part is your own firm conviction: I am invincible and can overcome this condition! If you loose this you´ll be lost – I have seen that happen quite often. But you made it – thanks to Zena and your own mental strength! My goodness you dared to live again through all this when writing down the story of your fight. You know all this and you came out victorious!

Again I wonder how many parallels there are in our lives although we went completely different ways. And I wonder how you lived through all this – definitely something to admire you for!

Dear Alexandra, carry on that route and don´t ever get disturbed by any weird lab tests or similar. There is somebody taking care of you and let Him decide when it’s time to go. He knows best!

Thank you so much for letting me share your life! I am proud to have got to know you! My very best wishes and warm regards,


Your heart will open and your day will take on a whole new meaning.

“Hope is My Absolute: My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia” by ALEXANDRA TESLUK is delivered with purpose and spirit! The journey and celebration of a life when shared can and should offer HOPE and PROMISE and that is what “Hope is My Absolute: My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia” by ALEXANDRA TESLUK does to its fullest. To understand a book with this much depth and promise one must first know the author.

Alexandra Tesluk was born in a camp in war-ravaged Europe and, early in life, suffered a separation from her loving father and the emotional abuse of an indifferent, callous family life. She became a refugee to Canada, but felt isolated, never feeling as though she belonged, and had her education cut short. She married an abusive husband, finally leaving him to raise a child alone, and later became a very successful businesswoman, a wife for the second time, and a loving, nourishing mother. That part of her life’s journey, that part of her inspiring story, was chronicled in her first published memoir entitled The Ashes of Innocence.

In Toronto, 2008 Alexandra was diagnosed with a severe, debilitating illness known as Acute Monocytic Leukemia, a disease that ravages the body and spares only the most fortunate – or the most courageous. Tesluk’s most recent publication, “Hope Is My Absolute: My Journey With Acute Monocytic Leukemia,’ details the difficult pathway and her journey along the road to cancer remission.

“Hope is My Absolute: My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia” goes into the details of the authors medical journey but better offers the reader a chance to look through the eye’s and heart of a woman facing fear, sorrow, healing, friendships, courage, love, family, strength, resilience and more. This is a book that celebrates a spirit! This is a book that celebrates life!

In a recent interview the author said, “Having a diagnosis of leukemia does not mean a death sentence. I think it is important to create the “private” “public” so that others diagnosed with leukemia feel less ominous about their diagnosis. There are many books available on breast cancer but few on leukemia. I hope my journey will help others cope with the fear and apprehension of a leukemia diagnosis (or any type of cancer) and will convey an understanding in what is important to healing and recovery during and after treatment. This can be an important source of hope.”

“Hope is My Absolute: My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia” is written with purpose, spirit and sincerity. Your heart will open and your day will take on a whole new meaning. Wonderfully done!!

John Weaver,
Virginia, USA

Leukemia, the diagnosis speaks terror to the heart.

Leukemia, the diagnosis speaks terror to the heart. The sudden discovery, then swift medical intervention and months of treatment are explained here in a most readable manner. The book-lover will appreciate the candor and explanation of Tesluks’ treatment procedures and her thoughts and feelings during her combat against blood cancer.

Gail Hamilton

Trekking through this book with your heart on its veritable sleeve, Alexandra takes you through a roller coaster of emotion….I actually cried when I read the results of the first test.

It seems God never puts us through things that He feels we cannot cope with, althouth I feel Alexandra has had her fair share of life’s knocks. I admire her courage and tenacity with regards to life and she takes it by the horns and full on….I feel privileged to have been able to read such a powerful story. I can only say with hand on heart, I wish you “angels to watch over your every step in life you take.”

God Bless,

Julie Hodgson, Published Author


Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for sharing “Hope” with me. I was eager to read it. You have so much courage and will power; it is an inspiration to people like me who think that small, petty disturbances are the end of the world!

You have given me “Hope.”

All the best, always!

Treasure Gibson

Poet, Published Author


I couldn’t put “Hope is My Absolute” down. A very honest and moving account – your strength of character shone through. Invaluable insight and information on diagnosis, types of leukemia and treatment.

Sonia Jarema, Poet



Monica Boorboor says….

The book is so inspirational to read! You can feel her pain every step of the way. She gave her best to fight for life, for she desired to live, and life returned to her, the best is yet to be. Wonderful book filled with emotion and her fight to be free of cancer.


My Darling Alexandra:

Thank you for walking down ths painful road with me. I just have no idea how you found the strength to write two books/ however, we know that you are one of the bravest women who has ever come this way. Please, stay strong, and we will continue to walk beside you….always with love and respect.

Lea and David Evans




J. Walter, Winnipeg, Manitoba writes….

Having lost both my mother and daughter-in-law to cancer, I wasn’t exactly eager to re-visit the grief, pain and helplessness that was all too familiar. Finally, I picked Alexandra’s book up, began to read…….then couldn’t put it down. The sheer courage, determination, lack of self-pity, even humour, impelled me to go down that road with her, and I’m glad i did!Alexandra explains so much about leukemia and cancer in general, chemotherapy and all that goes with it. Now in remission, Alexandra has done a splendid job in her telling. I recommend this book to everyone!


Hope is My Absolute
My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia (AML)
By: Alexandra Tesluk
After reading this memoir I felt a bit overwhelmed. Alexandra proved to me that with the strength and love of a strong family you can conquer anything. Her tale begins with her diagnosis, although the reader knows the actual diagnosis just by reading the cover, it is Alexandra’s words that bring the actual diagnosis to life.
Throughout the entire novel I found myself literally in tears. The struggles this woman had to overcome were far more than I had ever imagined a cancer patient had to endure. Although I have heard, as many people have heard, of the pain and sickness involved with the day to day living while on chemotherapy can be debilitating to say the least. Alexandra’s explanation gives the reader a real dose of reality as to the amount of strength that is required just to open your eyes in the morning.
As I continued to read the entrancing memoir I found myself actually feeling the pain she must have felt being separated from her loved ones when the treatments made her weak and vulnerable to infection. Her husband helped by giving her love and support throughout this trying time in both of their lives.
I have found a new super hero and her name is Alexandra Tesluk. She is far stronger than any other hero on the market. She has the strength and the courage of a warrior.
God bless you Alexandra for sharing your experiences.
Valerie Bowen
Author: Tormented – For the Sake of Amelia series
October 7, 2011
Susan Tunge writes…..I am deeply humbled

Dear Alexandra,
I am deeply humbled. You have given your readers an insight on your courageous fight and the brave person you are. Never a moment of bitterness, on the contrary, you showed love, prayers and hope. A journey of heartwrenching ordeals and uncertainty, helplessness, sorrow, angst of the unknown, a journey that only those who suffer AML will know. I am grateful for the opportunity to share your difficult journey with “Hope Is My Absolute.” You are a person of great dignity and Integrity. Thank you for giving your readers the momentum of really knowing what a great gift you are and a whole new meaning on what life is all about.
Much love,
Susan Tunge
December 11, 2011
4 Stars ~ Reviewed by Robert R. for Readers Favorite

When you’re facing cancer and the prospect of terrifying treatments – or death – hope gives you strength to go on. This book takes you through Alexandra’s ordeal. She discusses with brutal honesty her fears, her anger, and her confusion while her hope was pushed to the brink. The relationships with doctors are critical as each patient needs to understand what to expect in her treatment, but the clear explanations should be made compassionately. Her doctor joined her “on the battlefield.”

Her particular cancer often carries a bad prognosis. Once a diagnosis is made anyone can use the Internet to find the answer that the doctor may not fully explain as he may be trying to be protective. The trouble is that you may select the worse case scenarios. Without knowing or understanding your case you may put yourself through unnecessary pain. Alexandra does a thorough job as she takes you through her initial symptoms, when the dreaded C-word was uttered, the specific treatments (and their side effects), and in her case, remissions. I know about plurals of remissions as my mother had cancer treated in 1963 and she lived in the shadow of recurrence until it hit again in 1995 and it killed her.

Rather than give the specifics of her ordeal, I wish to stress HOPE and her remission. She gives a mantra at the end of the book. “Keep life simple. Diet and exercise play a significant role. Fresh fruits and vegetables color my plate; I eat less meat and enjoy fresh fish. I could easily become a vegan. A low fat diet is as important as well as eliminating white sugar. Physical activity was on the agenda as I regained my strength day by day. I needed to pace myself and rest periods were important.”

Her advice is as useful for preventing as for coping with cancer. It does what it promised, that Hope is Absolute.