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Hope is My Absolute

Hope is My Absolute

Hope Is My Absolute: a woman’s battle to conquer leukemia.

We are all – each citizen of Planet Earth – on the journey of a lifetime. We will take differing roads and unique, separate pathways, but ultimately, we will all arrive at the same destination at life’s end. For some, the road travelled will be regrettably short – and perhaps not so sweet. For others, it will be a long and winding road, a lifelong journey that will inevitably have its moments of joy, of pain, of satisfaction, of love, sorrow and perhaps even regret over dreams left unrealized.

by Alexandra Tesluk

Alexandra Tesluk knows, perhaps better than most, what a life’s journey can reveal. She was born in a camp in war-ravaged Europe and, early in life, suffered a separation from her loving father and the emotional abuse of an indifferent, callous family life. She became a refugee to Canada, but felt isolated, never feeling as though she belonged, and had her education cut short. She married an abusive husband, finally leaving him to raise a child alone, and later became a very successful businesswoman, a wife for the second time, and a loving, nourishing mother. That part of her life’s journey, that part of her inspiring story, was chronicled in her first published memoir entitled The Ashes of Innocence.

But the story of Alexandra Tesluk didn’t stop there. Later in life – in Toronto, in the early autumn of 2008 – she was diagnosed with a severe, debilitating illness known as Acute Monocytic Leukemia, a disease that ravages the body and spares only the most fortunate – or perhaps the most courageous. Tesluk’s most recent publication, Hope Is My Absolute: My Journey With Acute Monocytic Leukemia, is now in release, detailing the difficult pathway of Tesluk’s journey along the road to cancer remission.

It is not enough to describe Hope Is My Absolute as a story of inspiration, although it is most certainly that. What makes this memoir both remarkable and memorable is its power, both in the narrative of the story itself and in Tesluk’s informative, objective style of presentation. She details her medical journey as it walks her through the valley of fear and desperation and back onto the road of remission and newly gained health. The reader never once gets the sense that the author ever felt even remotely sorry for herself; what there is instead is the compelling, courageous story of a woman who was dealt a very difficult hand, but who used her resilience and the love of her family to summon up the courage to trump a disease that claims so many.

Hope Is My Absolute invites the reader to walk alongside author Tesluk on her gruelling, inspirational medical journey. It invites the reader to share in the fear that a blood-cancer diagnosis can bring; it takes the reader through the process of chemotherapy – the trauma of the procedure, the horrific nausea, the hair loss; it tells of the sorrow of the loss of hospital friends who didn’t make it. Most of all, and certainly most importantly, it takes the reader straight through the process of treatment and healing and back into the bright, joyful light of healing and remission.

The medical journey of the battle against acute monocytic leukemia is remarkably compelling. The story that Alexandra Tesluk tells is even more so. Hope Is My Absolute is enriching, informative and a tribute to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Hope Is My Absolute: My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia by Alexandra Tesluk
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