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Denise Shipley reads The Ashes of Innocence

Denise Shipley reads The Ashes of Innocence

“This would make a wonderful gift for the reader on your list
The “Ashes of Innocence”, an autobiographical account of the life of Alexandra Tesluk, is a look into the life of not only the unloved child, but of the effects that had on her future and her longing for identity and peace in the arms of her father. For anyone who has ever felt marginalized, this is a well-written and accurate account of the feelings that many of us may have had ourselves at some time. I personally was unable to put this book down, I wanted to yell at her stepfather and ask her mother why, but mostly I wanted Alexandra to find peace and acceptance, and through her courage and her struggles she does. It takes more than a modicum of courage to be willing to explore these avenues, I have nothing but admiration for Alexandra and her strength to share her story with us.

Denise Shipley


  1. Alexandra says:

    Thank you, Denise!!

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