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Two milestones achieved today!!

Two milestones achieved today!!

Today is my birthday! I graduated to a higher number which is expected with birthdays! Of great significance to me is the milestone I achieved with my diagnosis of AML Leukemia. It has been 3 years since I became ill. It’s been a rough and rocky road, many hairpin curves but through the grace of God, my family and friends, I continue to enjoy each and every moment and every day that I am blessed with. I have overcome extraordinary losses in my personal life; I have learned that closure is a word used too freely; there is no such thing as closure. One always remembers! I have wounds in my heart but it does not make me a bitter person.

I live one moment into the next moment.

Today, I dance to the tune of ABBA, “Dancing Queen.”


  1. T. Wilcox says:

    Keep dancing Alexandra. You spirit just erupts with positive energy and explosions of love and kindness! Keep your chin up, keep smiling, and don’t ever stop dancing ‘Dancing Queen’!!!

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