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Susan Tunge on “The Ashes of Innocence”

Susan Tunge on “The Ashes of Innocence”

The Ashes of Innocence should have a place in every home for everyone to read and understand the life of an innocent child shattered in such a brutal way. A heartbreaking journey that humbled me beyond my apprehension. Tesluk`s courage to carry on for a better life is admirable, her forgiveness and love for those who never were capable of doing the same is courageous. Her magical pen is seldom, a page turner. I read the book in a matter of 2 days at a time when I had some health issues, and I was grateful to have The Ashes of Innocence to help me through. Her life journey should be made to a Motion Picture for The World to see, as I am certain that many have had similar journeys.

Ashes of Innocence will stay with me for as long as I live. S.Tunge


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