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Susan Tunge on “The Ashes of Innocence”

The Ashes of Innocence should have a place in every home for everyone to read and understand the life of an innocent child shattered in such a brutal way. A heartbreaking journey that humbled me beyond my apprehension. Tesluk`s courage to carry on for a better life is admirable, her forgiveness and love for those who never were capable of doing the same is courageous. Her magical pen is seldom, a page turner. I read the book in a matter of 2 days at a time when I had some health issues, and I was grateful to have The Ashes of Innocence to help me through. Her life journey should be made to a Motion Picture for The World to see, as I am certain that many have had similar journeys.

Ashes of Innocence will stay with me for as long as I live. S.Tunge

Happy 9th Birthday to my beautiful grand-daughter!

Happy Birthday! Megan

Every single star in the sky represents how much I love you!!
Always in my heart! xo
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Happy Easter to my sweet grandchildren, Megan, Daniel and Shawn

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Merry Christmas, 2014 – Megan, Daniel & Shawn

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Kindness…..For CJ with love

I think our souls have windows
and when the kindness of others
shines into those windows
we think
Yes, that is how its supposed to be
and then we turn up our own lights, too.
Thank you for being a bright light in my life
during a dark time.  xo

Wounds don’t heal!

The wounds inflicted on me won’t heal; they will never heal.


I think grief is like a really ugly couch. It never goes away. You can decorate around it; you can slap a doily on top of it; you can push it to the corner of the room – but eventually, you learn to live with it! J.Picoult

Happy 12th Birthday to my Grandson Daniel!

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Anna Zylak Cirelli review of The Ashes of Innocence

“For some wrongs, I just have to remember that they are responsible for their actions and then it is easier for me to just let it be.” Karen Garland

Alexandra Tesluk, an immigrant, Ukrainian/Polish/Canadian, author of her well written memoir “Ashes” writes, ” My father’s absence was the pivotal event in my life.” Throughout her life, Alexandra has yearned to determine what happened to her father, Andreas Tesluk. When Alexandra was only eighteen months old, “He boarded the train for Bournemouth, England, and disappeared from my life.” Alexandra’s global search for information about her birth father’s whereabouts is the primary theme of her emotional memoir.

During World War II Alexandra’s parents Olga and Andreas survived hard labor enslavement by the German Nazis. On May 8, 1945 after Germany surrendered, the family, which included an older child, Maria (1943) became Displaced Persons, Stateless, and People without a Country. They were refugees in Camp (36/4) Lyssenko, a British sector of north central Hannover, Germany until September 1946, when Alexandra was born.

In 1948,  Aunty “sponsored” her sister Olga and the children for their emigration from Germany to Canada. Stella provided Olga a travel loan required to be repaid eventually in full. The family was able to travel from the temporary home in Hannover, Germany to Ontario, Canada.

After Olga re-married, she was again a slave (this time working in her husband’s boarding house) while her daughters endured years of savage beatings, plus emotional abuse meted out by Olga’s Canadian/Ukrainian husband.  Somehow, both girls survived their birth mother’s lifelong indifference towards them and their stepfather’s depraved behavior.

Alexandra, regarding your father’s disappearance, please read the link below. There was a secret forced repatriations agreement (Russian/British/American) which ensnared millions of innocent and not so innocent people.

Anna Z. Cirelli