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Just let it go, then forgive

It’s the better way to live.

Forgive, forget, set it free,

Let the wind carry it out to sea.

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Susan Tucker reviews The Ashes of Innocence!

5 Stars – Alexandra Tesluk’s ‘The Ashes of Innocence’ takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride through her young life of misery and tragedies.  Throughout the book she is searching for love, acceptance and hope, but more importantly she is searching for her ‘Moja Tato’.   Alexandra’s words are eloquent and heartfelt as she demonstrates her frustration, loneliness and confusion surrounding her circumstances and events in her young life.  Not only does she make you see the things that she sees, she also makes you feel the things that she feels.   Alexandra’s story is a painful reminder that childhood and young adulthood is not always an easy journey and enhances your understanding that not every little girl has a joyous childhood.  Her story is one of trials and tribulations as well as endurance and accomplishments.  If you want to know what becomes of this lost, lonely child, well you will just have to read the book.  Kudos to Miss Alexandra for the great read and to your strength and courage in telling your story.

Debre Saulnier – reviews The Ashes of Innocence!

Rating: 5/5
Soul Touching
Debre Saulnier
2 weeks ago
I can’t take my eyes off the creased picture of the child on the cover. So sad and lost, your heart breaks and you have this overwhelming desire to hold her tight and promise you will protect her from everything bad in this world. Turning the pages of this very intense memoir, there were many times when I fought to continue reading, but had to close the book; I was overwhelmed. Truly the cruelty Alexandra endured throughout her life mirrored my own to such a degree, I felt weak at the comparisons. I thank God to have found her at this time in my life and her book has been a true gift to me during a very dark time, as has her friendship. I am encouraged every day by her strength and inner peace, her love of life and above all, her never ending faith. Thank you Alexandra!

Review of “The Ashes of Innocence” – A Heart-Wrenching Tale That Lends Context To The World Condition

A Heart-Wrenching Tale That Lends Context To The World Condition

As Dmitri Prokofitch Razumikhin says in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment: “Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.”

The name Razumikhin means reason.

Most North Americans are fortunate to have never suffered deeply enough to understand what many of our immediate family have endured. Alexandra Tesluk’s The Ashes of Innocence reminds us how very close we are to the great anguish inflicted upon millions of survivors of horrible circumstances, at the time of her birth and today.

Writing with elegance and honesty, Tesluk tells us the agonizing yet true story of her very tragic early life. Born in the same displaced persons camp where my own mother spent part of her early childhood after surviving work and concentration camps, Tesluk chronicles her separation from her beloved father, and the emotional abandonment by her emotionally tortured mother. Her sorrowful tale of a little girl mired in a world of suicide, sexual abuse, and other heinous acts by other humans, is of tremendous significance for all us who want to empathize with the struggles of humanity.

The book, which follows Tesluk into her formative years as a refugee in Canada, is more relevant today than ever. You owe it to yourself to read The Ashes of Innocence, which helps to recount historic events, as well as to provide sorely needed context for our current world condition.

Natasha Gural-Maiello, New York, NY

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Susan Tunge on “The Ashes of Innocence”

The Ashes of Innocence should have a place in every home for everyone to read and understand the life of an innocent child shattered in such a brutal way. A heartbreaking journey that humbled me beyond my apprehension. Tesluk`s courage to carry on for a better life is admirable, her forgiveness and love for those who never were capable of doing the same is courageous. Her magical pen is seldom, a page turner. I read the book in a matter of 2 days at a time when I had some health issues, and I was grateful to have The Ashes of Innocence to help me through. Her life journey should be made to a Motion Picture for The World to see, as I am certain that many have had similar journeys.

Ashes of Innocence will stay with me for as long as I live. S.Tunge

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