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“ The Ashes of Innocence is a dark and moving memoir told by Alexandra Tesluk. ”

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No life is easy. No life is a straight line. But how you approach the hardships that inevitably arise during the course of a lifetime is what develops both individual character and the stamina to stay within the eye of the storm.

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"How does one person hold so much power over another? This is what I wrote about Auschwitz after visting there this spring. The same goes for Ashes. My heart was broken in two as Alexandra endured so much pain during her childhood, into her teens and adulthood."

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We Were Children

We were children is a website dedicated to victims from Second World War Europe searching their past and family.

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Even now, in the past year, since the publication of The Ashes of Innocence, she has been sent yet another life challenge, undergoing treatment for leukemia.

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"Truly Gripping!"

"I cried through the first half. If this story didn't have a happy ending, it would never have been written and no one would have known the horrors Tesluk went through as a child."
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~ O. Kaczmar, Los Angeles, CA USA


“This is an emotionally-charged book. Alexandra Tesluk's childhood was one of abuse; it almost broke her spirit, but not quite. People with less resilience would have shattered under the cruelty she lived with daily.”
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~ Debra Gaynor, Hawesville, KY USA